Mission Statement

Balanced Rock Healing's mission is to brighten the face of the Earth one client at a time, by facilitating self-discovery, healing, and joy! My services blend the creative and analytical to assist clients in bringing to the surface what their higher self is communicating to them, and to repair and strengthen their energy field.



A couple of years prior to leaving tech, I had a series of experiences that put me in touch with different ways of being, and seeded a deep interest in energy healing and the spiritual. I’d spent 20 career-fulfilling years in IT and software, but had grown tired of what felt like the same issues over and over, and found increasing resistance in my interactions with associates. I believe this was the Universe giving me a kick in the seat to move on, which I did. I received my Reiki Master certification, attended EarthWalk School of Energy Healing, and subsequently opened my energy healing practice. Because I wanted to work at a more intuitively informed and connected level, I continued developing the extra-sensory skills I believe we all have capability of, and can with time and practice, develop. Beautifully, this also led to my practice expanding to offer readings.

Education & Training

  • Bachelor’s Degree in Computer Science with an Applied Application in Business from Seattle University
  • Certified Energy Healer & Vibrational Medicine Practitioner from Earth Walk School of Energy Healing
  • Certified Clairvoyant Reader from The School of Intuitive Insight
  • Trance-Mediumship training at Aesclepion
  • Mentored with intuitive healers Starlyn Nelson and Michele Anderson
  • Reiki Master in the Unlimited Reiki System (Lineage)
  • Reiki Level II in the Usui System (Lineage) from the Reiki Training Program
  • Matrix Energetics Workshops
  • Expanding Your Healing Potential workshop with Marie Manuchehri
  • Transformational Breath Workshops