Mission Statement

To brighten the face of the Earth by helping individuals align to and communicate with the hidden world, and to empower them with skills of their own, for both spiritual advancement and health. Kirsten’s intuitive energy services, events, and writing are a unique blend of creative and analytical skills, thereby making the mystical more accessible to all.

Intuitive Energy Healer and Teacher Kirsten Johnson


Kirsten had 20 fulfilling years in IT and software, architecting and developing large-scale systems. She was on the team that developed the first web-based, database driven application for telephone giant, U S West. In addition to working for another Fortune 500 company, Nordstrom, she also was fortunate to enjoy being a part of the dot.com heyday, and seeing a company IPO.

Around 2006, she had begun to experience different ways of being, and to study vibrational medicine and spirituality. In order to continue her studies full time, in 2009 she made an unusual career shift for someone so technical. She became certified in several forms of energy healing, and subsequently opened her practice. Because she wanted to work at a more intuitively informed and connected level, she continued developing the extra-sensory skills she believes we all have capability of, and can with time and practice, develop.

Along with all things mystical, Kirsten also enjoys spending time with her husband and young daughter, live music, skiing, hula hooping, gardening, and runs a busy mom’s group.

Education & Training