Energy Healing

What is it?

Energy Healing is an umbrella term for the many holistic healing modalities used to affect the energetic body. Reiki and Acupuncture are a couple of the more commonly recognized ones. Energy Healing modalities have differing roots and frameworks, the latter which vary in approach and degree of complexity.

Where does it fit in with my other care?

Dis-ease generally shows up in the energetic body long before it does in the physical. Both can be affected by our thoughts (even unconscious ones), as well as our emotions, and environment. Maintaining a free-flowing, high-vibration energy system is an important part of maintaining health. Energy healers facilitate healing by kick-starting your body’s own healing process, and work with you to change patterns that can lead to blockages. An integrated approach to healthcare allows modern medicine to support the individual while the more subtle, but holistic (mind/body) healing takes place. I.e. treating acute symptoms while correcting imbalances at the root cause.