Client Receiving Energy Healing

Energy Healing

  • Chakra Cleansing & Balancing
  • Chakra Reconstruction
  • Energetic Tissue Repair
  • Spiritual Clearing
  • Treatments for the Spine, Nerves, Lymphatic System, Liver, and Adrenals
  • Reiki
  • Aromatherapy
  • Flower Essence Treatments
  • Sound Healing
  • Color Therapy
  • Breath Work

$90 per 1 ½ hour session - Session details

Tarot Reading

Tarot Readings

Readings work like cairns (guide posts) on your path of life. They help you to see where your path is currently heading, warning of pitfalls, marking monumental points, and illuminating other options to be considered. Working with the Tarot allows a beautiful connection to the unconscious, and encourages an interactive session with its archetypal symbology.

$60 for a 1 hour reading

Distant Readings

The information is called forth with your highest good in mind, and presented in a manner that serves you in an empowered way. Distant readings are delivered via email, with an opportunity to ask follow-up questions that are related to the original question.

$60 for a single life area (min. 300 words)

Payment Methods Accepted

  • Cash
  • Check
  • Credit Card (MasterCard/Visa/Discover)

Gift Certificates Available