Client Testimonial

“I initially went to Kirsten Johnson because I was curious about Energy Healing. Is it real? Is it for me? The effects of my very first session were nothing short of amazing - I left feeling rejuvenated, light (literally, as if gravity had changed), and for some reason, downright joyful. I knew then that Energy Healing was in fact real, and that there were tremendous benefits in it for me. I also knew that Kirsten is the real deal - a true healer. After that, I saw her about once a month over the course of a year and during this time she focused on both general health and specific areas of concern. In every visit I came away with not just that wonderful feeling of lightness, but also a new sense of internal balance. I believe Kirsten is truly gifted and I am impressed by the fact that she doesn’t just rely on her innate abilities; she’s dedicated to her work and very knowledgeable about human anatomy, energy systems, and an array of healing methods and tools. In every session, Kirsten was thorough and professional, as well as compassionate and easy to talk to. I would absolutely recommend her to anyone.”
- Eva B., Everett, WA
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